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If your home or commercial building has recently had building work done, we can help clear the mess left behind. Our professional staff will ensure your premises are free from unnecessary clutter, dirt, and dust. This means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that our trained cleaners are taking care of everything.

No matter what the task: cleaning carpets, disposing of packaging, wiping doors, removing dust, sprucing up windows, or mopping hard flooring, we have got you covered. And since we keep updated with the latest cleaning methods, we can ensure the most suitable cleaning solutions and techniques are used for each task. This ensures great results and happy clients.

Our after build cleaning services are ideal for both residential and commercial building projects. Tenants and landlords often utilise after builders cleaning post renovation works. Commercial businesses can also take advantage of after builder cleaning to ensure a tidy, hygienic environment for employees and customers. This is especially important to remain onside of health and safety regulations.

Since we are a professional cleaning company operating in the North West of London  and surrounding areas, we place great emphasis on our customers. We aim to please each and every client we serve. This means we listen carefully to requirements and deliver a personalised approach, whether that is in the home or workplace.

At Eu Radici Cleaning, we invest heavily in staff training. All our employees undergo detailed background checks prior to hiring. As a result, we can ensure high levels of security and performance. We also understand the value of striving for excellence. Our dedicated team is constantly looking for new, innovative cleaning methods to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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